Stay wise !! Top tips for making the perfect brew !!

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Stay wise !!          Top tips for making the perfect brew !!

*Use one of our quality herbal blends…they work with your mind, body and soul all day long. 

* Our tea comes in an air tight re-sealable container in order to preserve freshness all day long.

*Always use freshly drawn hot water (not boiling).  This “energises” the leaf or fruit and extracts all the character and value from the blend.

* The water temperature for herbal tea should be around 80c; using a lower temperature avoids the bitterness that can be experienced using freshly boiled water

*In order to draw the best flavour out of the tea the water must contain oxygen, this is reduced if the water is boiled more than once.

* Infuse the teabag for a minimum of 5 minutes or leave in your cup for as long as you require.

*Our herbal teas are the must have drink for healthy living.  Caffeine and Glutenfree, hand blended for maximum healthy goodness to give you that well-being feeling.

Bitter melon wise owl tea

Bitter Melon


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