Wild Picked Lemongrass and Sage

Wild Picked Lemongrass and Sage

INGREDIENTS: Lemongrass and Sage

Infuse for a full 5 minutes

A vibrant blend of Lemongrass and sage. Uplifting and great for a morning brew.  Lemongrass tea is smooth and fragrant, with a soft mouth feel and clean finish. Greatly uplifting, yet naturally caffeine-free.   Sage is relaxing and is sometimes used for nervous, anxious or excitable conditions, for depression where caused by anxiety, and also as a general tonic.  In traditional Chinese medicine Sage is used for menstrual problems, sleep disorders and stomach pains.  Sage Tea has a delicate, smooth, relaxing, refreshing flavour not unlike Lavender, and was believed by the Romans to improve clarity of thought.


Summer time is a great time for Lemongrass Ice tea…..

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Diffuse 5 tea bags into a pitcher of boiled water and steep for 10 minutes.

Remove the teabags and allow the water to cool before refrigerating.

Refrigerate until ready to server.

Fill tall chilled glasses with ice; pour the tea over the ice.

Garnish each glass with a slice of Cucumber or a Lemon wedge.

Enjoy !!

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