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Our story - Wise Owl Tea came about from a love of travelling to far off lands and experiencing local cuisines.
We are a couple of friends, who enjoyed travelling the world discovering how local people used herbal infusions for their health benefits, and developed an appreciation of the different flavours.

We brought home some ingredients, and what started as a labour of love in the kitchen developed into a small company producing organic herbal tea.  While collecting all the herbs we were reminded of the 18th century travellers sourcing the finest ingredients and returning to England by ship to sell their sought after prized goods.  This inspired us to develop our unique packaging showing old world maps of exotic lands that are the home of our teas, reminiscent of the old tea containers carried on ships.

We source all organic ingredients and hand make our teas in silky tea temples. 

Each one made with a little bit of love!

Wise Owl Tea is our dream come true. We love Herbal Teas, and if you do, too, you've come to the right place! We produce several varieties of our own blends. We offer many tastes from Around the world.  

If you're looking for big-name, nationally and internationally marketed commercial teas, you're in the wrong place. We don't have any.




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